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  • » I just wanted to thank you for all your help during my job search. You always went above and beyond. There were so many days you made my day by your encouragement. I will certainly tell everyone about you - you were wonderful! You certainly stood out from all the others. You were very professional and always took quality time to help me. Thank so much, Sheila!

  • » Thank you, for helping me through my work transition, it would have been difficult, if it were not for a great staff of people at Attorney Resource. I have a great job and if I ever need help again or someone with my qualification are looking for a job, I will be confident in telling them that you are the best in the business. You guys are awesome!!!!

  • » Tracy Bell is one of the best recruiters I have ever known. She really takes the time to listen to what both a company and candidate are looking for, and with that insight, makes some great matches. She found me the exact position I was looking for, and during a time that I wasn't even really trying to find a job. Thanks for matching me up with the best firm I have ever worked at in Dallas!

  • » As you may all know, I am now a permanent employee. A special thanks from me to all of you for giving me the opportunity to grow and be a success. What a wonder group and team each of you are. Best wishes, and Happy New Year!!

  • » I cannot express how enjoyable my experience was with Attorney Resource. I really appreciated everyone's personality and kindness. Thank you very much!!!!

  • » Thank you all so much for the pretty card! Of course, my new job is wonderful and is the best birthday present ever! Many thanks - I will sing your praises to anyone who is seeking employment! Thank you again.

  • » I want to say "thank you" for giving me the opportunity to meet with you today. I enjoyed my time in your office. I left feeling encouraged. Please let Catie Colby know the same. She is a natural in what she does. She made me feel very comfortable and special. It was a cold day outside but a very warm day in your lovely office. I just choose to believe that something wonderful is going to work out in my favor in the near future. Thank you again for being such a great team!

  • » I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tracy Bell. She truly listened to me, provided a realistic view of the job market, and found a job that was a perfect match. Being a great listener is what sets Tracy apart from others in her field. She truly made me feel that she had my best interests at heart and not like I was just another warm body being placed in a position. Tracy doesn't just find you a job, she finds you a home.

  • » Attorney Resource has helped me find myself in these turbulent times in the job market. I was down but not out. These guys had my best interest in mind from the start. No matter whom you are, if you are hard working, willing and able, you too will be on the road to success with Attorney Resource. I never thought I would have such a great permanent job so soon!

  • » I would have to say that the one thing that impressed me the most was how efficient Attorney Resource was in assisting me with finding my job that I have now. You were very quick on getting me into your office and lined up for interviews. I appreciate all the time and effort you have taken to help me take the next step in my life.

  • » The staff at Attorney Resource are real people. When you are looking for a job, they have a super positive attitude which helps keep your spirits up during a job search.

  • » As a litigation paralegal, I interviewed with Tracy Bell of Attorney Resource some time ago, one time to be more specific. Of course, I was inquiring into any/all opportunities that she may have available in the litigation field. Primarily having toxic tort litigation experience, there were not a whole lot of opportunities in the job market for me at that time; having obtained additional experience in the meantime-at various law firms throughout my path-I reached out to Tracy not too long ago, looking for that most special of jobs for me, and hoping that she would remember me! Well, needless to say, the "timing" could not have been more PERFECT, as Tracy had the perfect job in mind for me and sent me on a FAST interview into a super great position that I feel was just waiting for me! In closing, I really valued the "link" that Tracy served in keeping communication open between both me, the job seeker, and her, the recruiter. It was because of that link that I remembered Tracy and reached out to her again for a position, when I MOST needed it! I am extremely grateful to Tracy and her team, as they led me in the direction that I was supposed to go and into a SUPER terrific banking litigation paralegal position downtown! I feel as if this position was waiting especially for me and I can't thank Tracy and the Attorney Resource team enough! Thanks again Tracy! I OWE you!

  • » I greatly appreciate Tracy's and Attorney Resource's assistance in helping me find my new job. I doubt I would have found this position without their assistance. Tracy had confidence that she could match my skills and needs with an employer's needs and wants. My new position is almost a perfect fit, allowing me to utilize past experience in other fields to assist the attorneys I work with now. I would not hesitate to use Attorney Resource again, should the need arise, and I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Resource to other job seekers.

  • » I interviewed with Attorney Resource 2 weeks shy of completing school with a paralegal certificate. Tracy understood what I was looking for, and right there at the interview she listed off 3 or 4 law firms that were potential fits for me. I told her when I was available to start working and had a job lined up on that day. Working with Attorney Resource was nothing but a great experience for me.

  • » Tracy, I can't thank you enough for getting us a temp so quickly today. YOU were a lifesaver!!! To be quite honest, I had called another temp service as well, but got no answer. I left a message anyway with this other temp service. By the time they had called me back just to return my call, YOU had already found me a WONDERFUL receptionist. She was here on time (actually earlier), polite, professional and just an all around pleasure to have. She was the only one here and ran this office very well in our absence. I have been a temp for Attorney Resource in the past. This was the first time I've had to call you to request a temp. I can't tell you how impressed I was that you answered the phone so early and were able to find me someone SO quickly. A great first, second and third impression you have made on me - and now our firm. I will be calling you again and again when we need someone, and highly recommend you. Again, many thanks to you.

  • » Thanks for all your help. You have been one of the best recruiters to work with :)

  • » I did not find Attorney Resource - they found me, and I am so very glad they did. I had relocated from Florida to Texas and despite looking for a job, being my full time job, I remained unemployed for 2 months. I had been to several other agencies who promised me the moon and stars, however, delivered me piles of horse manure instead. When I heard from Attorney Resource, my cynicism was front and center, but I met with them anyhow. Their placement team already had the perfect new career lined up for me. They placed me at a firm that went beyond my expectations, in a short amount of time, and at the salary I requested. I would recommend them to everybody!

  • » You guys are amazing! :)

  • » I love Attorney Resource! When the law firm where I had worked for 20 years dissolved, I turned to them for assistance because I knew they could help me. They provided resources for me to update skills I needed in the current market and within six weeks I had a new job making more money than my last! Thank you Attorney Resource!

  • » I never considered accepting a temporary work assignment, but was convinced by Catie to give it a try. My assignment was a temp-to-hire legal secretary position for a small law firm in the Uptown/West Village area. My start date was on a Wednesday, I worked through the remainder of the week, and I was asked to return the following week to continue the assignment. To my surprise, I was extended a job offer that week, which I accepted. The opportunity has been very rewarding and a true blessing for me. I would highly recommend Attorney Resource to any individual seeking employment opportunities in the legal field. Thanks to Catie, Tracy and all at Attorney Resource for their help.

  • » Thank you so much. I am VERY happy here. I even get to go to court tomorrow. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the help I received from you guys. Y'all ROCK!

  • » Thank you all for your kindness and thoughtfulness! It is very much appreciated! You all have been a joy to work with these past nine months, and I thank you for helping me get this awesome job.

  • » Please tell everyone at Attorney Resource that the flowers are beautiful! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and wishes. I am so grateful for your help with my employment transition. Both Mark and I couldn't be happier.

  • » I just wanted to say that I enjoyed working with your agency. I found everyone to be friendly, professional and very responsive to my calls and inquiries. I was placed with an excellent law firm with some very nice people.

  • » Deisy Chavez highly recommended you and your firm as a great method of placing me with a position that matches my background and expertise. I have enclosed my resume to provide an overview of my qualifications and background for your review.

  • » Thank you so much for the time you spent with me this morning. I greatly appreciate your kindness. Needless to say, other agencies have not been as friendly. I have a great feeling something will come out of our meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • » I appreciate your time spent with me yesterday morning, as your advice and information were very valuable to me. I look forward to working with your Austin office to assist me in discovering a new career opportunity. Thank you for your time.

Fort Worth

  • » Job hunting can be a grueling process for anyone. My past experience with placement agencies has been more of a hit or miss type relationship. However, Attorney Resources not only made the process easy, but they exceeded my expectations on every level. They not only kept me informed on all opportunities that became available but they responded to me very quickly whenever I communicated with them and they never forgot about me. That service to me sets them apart. They helped me not only find a job during this recession, they helped me find THE job. Thank you Attorney Resources; and especially Ann Dunkin, you are the best!

  • » My experience with Ann Dunkin was second to none. She was warm, professional engaging and found the perfect company to match my skill set and personality. Thank you for everything Ann – I have never been happier!

  • » Attorney Resource placed me in the perfect temporary job that turned into the perfect permanent job!

  • » It is with much heartfelt appreciation that I say thank you so much to Attorney Resource and Ann Dunkin for contacting me about this wonderful job. After many months of hitting the proverbial pavement and applying for countless numbers of jobs Attorney Resource was the one to find me the dream job at a great law firm where I am today.

  • » I recently moved to Fort Worth, Texas from Atlanta, Georgia and worried that I would have trouble finding a job in a law firm. I have worked in law firms since 1987. I contacted Attorney Resource and met with Ann Dunkin who made the interview process a very relaxing one. Ann and I spoke several times after the initial interview and within a short period of time, Ann placed me with a wonderful law firm in Fort Worth, only twenty minutes from my home. (My commute in Atlanta was two hours plus.) I enjoyed working with Ann and Attorney Resource and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a job with a respectable firm.


  • » I am not sure what the Candidate Testimonial is..what I would hope it is would be an opportunity to share how hard working, caring and dedicated to professionalism Jennifer Colby, Catherine and Gail McDonald are and what a God send they all were to me. In an economy where we are told daily that jobs are scarce and told too by the news media every day the unemployment numbers are high...these ladies defied gravity. At one point while working with Jennifer I had 3 job placement offers in one week. During my interview process I had Catherine calling and cheerleading me into my meetings and making certain my confidence level was in high gear. Every week Gail made certain that my only worry and concern was doing my job because she was taking care of the rest. Each of these AWESOME LADIES made me feel every day that I was the only person they were working for...I know they were working for others too...but that notion never entered my thought process...In my mind that's a CAREER PROFESSIONAL...it is who I believe each of these ladies to be and did I mention that they were, in my time of need, a God send to me!! I tell everybody if you need someone working to find you job...you'll only need Jennifer's AWESOME team :)

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